In 2022 we had the Fifa World Cup, the biggest event in the universe for soccer lovers. And, in Brazil, soccer is a big deal. Our country stops to watch the national team playing. Soccer is almost a religion for brazilian people, sorrounded by rituals and beliefs.

Here is impossible to tear soccer and superstition apart. And, in 2022, we discovered one really important thing: every time that Brazil won a World Cup, there was a player named "Zé" in the pitch.

Wooooow! People did need to know that, and who is better to announce that than a brand with "Zé" in its name?

But wait, in 2022, was there a Zé on the team?

Client: Zé Delivery

And so he did it

And everything went well, until the unthinkable happened: our Zé was taken from the pitch. The result? Brazil was eliminated and Argentina won the World Cup. We hope that you're happy now, Tite.